A few of Prince’s heirs want to get inside the singer’s music vault at his Paisley Park home in the hope of releasing new, unheard music to fans. The late singer, who died in April at his Minnesota compound, is said to have thousands of hours of music locked away in his home.

According to TMZ, Prince’s niece, Briana Nelson, and his grandniece, Victoria, are hoping they can get their hands on the tracks so they can release them to his fans. Sources close to Briana, 31, and Victoria, 11, told the outlet they want to set up a plan to get the music heard. The site also reported Prince’s siblings are onboard with it, except for his sister Tyka Nelson.

There’s also been talk to turn his famous compound into a museum. This month, former Paisley Park employees opened up about the singer’s mysterious vault, telling Rolling Stone there’s music in it that was recorded over a decade ago, and it includes both “live and studio material.”

“Half the time I couldn’t find a song because it was so hard to find,” engineer Ian Boxill told the outlet. “I’d spend a half hour just going through tapes. Prince didn’t seem to have a reaction to it. I’d be like, ‘Wow, look at all this stuff,’ especially when I saw a lot of ‘Batman’ tapes. For him, it was like going through old filing cabinets.”

This month, Briana and Victoria filed legal documents to be heirs to Prince’s estate. Andrew Stollman, an attorney for them, told “Entertainment Tonight” both claim to be related to Prince’s half-brother, Duane Nelson Sr. Briana is supposedly Duane’s daughter, and Victoria is the daughter of his son, Duane Nelson Jr. Since both Duane Sr. and Duane Jr. died, Briana and Victoria are set to inherit their parents’ share of the “Purple Rain” singer’s fortune, said to be worth $300 million. According to the outlet, even though Prince’s estate is worth a large sum of money, it’s not likely that Briana and Victoria will walk away with millions of dollars.