Prince will update
Los Angeles is honoring Prince with a memorial next Friday. Pictured: Prince at the NAACP Image Awards there in 2005. Getty Images

Many questions have been raised about what’s going to happen to Prince’s fortune following his untimely death last week. Even though his family has not publicly come forward about whether the legendary singer left behind a will, new reports claim that Prince never had an interest in drafting one up.

Sources close to the “Purple Rain” singer told TMZ that as of 2014, he did not have a will. The outlet reported Prince had been advised several times to write one, but he never wanted to do it. It’s not clear if he had a change of heart and wrote a will in the past year. TMZ also reported that family members have said that they have not heard anything about Prince's leaving a will.

In the event that Prince didn’t have one, Minnesota law will decide how his fortune, estimated to be worth $300 million, will be divided. Even though it’s been reported that Tyka Nelson, Prince’s only full sibling, will get the money and estate, TMZ claims that Prince’s five half siblings could also get some of his fortune.

As previously reported, rumors surfaced this week that the iconic singer’s net worth wasn’t as high as believed. Sources told TMZ that Prince, 57 at the time of his death, often turned down lucrative job opportunities, including having his music featured in movies, TV shows and commercials. Sources also said he had no problem spending money.

The late singer’s family has kept quiet about the many rumors surrounding him. On Monday, Nelson was spotted with her son President LenNard Laeil Nelson and a third unidentified person retrieving Prince’s ashes. The trio was photographed as President carried the urn hidden under a leather jacket to a waiting car.