William Shatner is back from the dead. At least, his character the Priceline Negotator is. Earlier this year, Priceline killed off Shatner's Negotiator character in a commercial that saw his bus fly over a cliff. Now, Shatner returns to the commercials he made famous.

In the new Priceline commercial, Shatner's Negotiator stands on the edge of a beach, wearing a suit and holding a surfboard. An anonymous man, presumably a Priceline employee, tracks him down.

"You've been busy for a dead man," the man says. "After you jumped ship in Bangkok, I thought I'd lost you."

"Surfing is my life now," Shatner replies, before pitching Priceline's mobile booking services.

The man asks Shatner if he'll be seen again. "We'll see where the waves take me," Shatner yells as he jumps into the ocean, surfboard in hand. "Sayonara, brah!"

Shatner, 81, has starred in the series of Priceline commercials for more than a decade. His character has been so long-lived that some consider the Negotiator to be as iconic as Shatner's most popular role, "Star Trek's" Captain Kirk.

According to the LA Times, 94 percent of Priceline customers polled by the company want to see more of Shatner in the role. Even the former "Star Trek" star himself has called the decision to off the Negotiator "a mistake."

Check out the Negotiator's latest commecial below.