Microsoft isn’t the only one preparing for its Windows 8 launch at the end of the month. Retailers have begun packaging the software for sale and the first commercial advertisements have already appeared on YouTube.

Amazon posted several listings for the forthcoming OS on Wednesday, including a Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Edition, a Windows 8 Standard Edition to Windows 8 Pro Edition, and a Windows 8 Pro N Version for European buyers. One listing for a Windows 8 Standard Edition to Windows 8 Pro Edition indicates that Microsoft will be issuing product keys in retail packaging at launch.

No pricing information has been included in these listings, but Microsoft has previously said that existing users can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro from Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 for $39.99 online or $69.99 in stores.

The Windows 8 box art shown in the listings matches previously leaked images of the software’s packaging. At the end of September, a slew of images claiming to be the box art for Windows 8 were posted on unofficial Windows blog These contained the same Windows 8 graphics and design layout found on the current Amazon listings.

Along with these product pages, Microsoft debuted the first video advertisements for Windows 8 on Wednesday. A series of videos available on YouTube showcase various aspects and features of Microsoft’s new OS.

For example, the video titled “Work hard, play hard” demonstrates Windows 8 on a tablet and a desktop using the SkyDrive cloud to sync data between devices. Another ad emphasizes the customization options available with Windows 8. The “Make it Yours” video shows a feature in which users can set a photo as their password and unlock their device by tapping various areas of the picture. With the Live Tiles function, apps such as Weather and News will constantly change so that users can consistently absorb various feeds without actually launching a program.

These videos were orignially published through Israeli site TechIt before making their way to YouTube and Amazon.

Although Microsoft has begun rolling out its ad campaign for Windows 8, the company has yet to launch any video ads specific to the Surface. The PC software giant used a different marketing approach for its first self-branded tablet when street art ads began to appear in cities such as Chicago and New York at the end of August. The simplistic advertisements show graffiti-style outlines of  the Surface tablet with accompanying color-coded keyboards.

Microsoft will be seeing a triple platform launch at the end of October as it prepares to take another stab at mobile industry success. In addition to its PC software, Windows 8 and its first Surface tablet, the Redmond, Wash.-based company is rolling out a brand new line up of Windows Phone 8 devices this fall.

Be sure to check out Microsoft’s new Windows 8 advertisements below.