Software giant Microsoft previewed its much-awaited Windows 8 which could best be described as one OS to rule all devices -- tablets, notebooks and desktops alike.

After announcing that it will be crafting Windows 8 ground-up for ARM chips at CES 2011, it was surmised that at last Microsoft would be crafting a light-weight tablet-specific OS.

Microsoft described the Windows 8 OS based devices as: A Windows 8-based PC is really a new kind of device, one that scales from touch-only small screens through to large screens, with or without a keyboard and mouse.

Following are the unique features of Windows 8 versus Windows 7.

1)   Windows 8 works with both x86 and SoC architecture

2)   Windows 8 has a tile interface versus start menu

3)   Windows 8 works with both multi-touch and mouse/key board,

4)   Windows 8 comes with Web connected apps that will run using HTML 5 and Java Script

5)   Windows 8 has longer battery life for tablet type of devices

6)   Windows 8 has benefits of PC-in-tablets type of devices such as file management and multi-tasking