Details of Windows Phone 8 (codename: Apollo), Microsoft's next generation mobile OS has been unveiled via a leaked video, which has been posted by PocketNow.

According the report, Windows Phone 8 is to be based on Windows 8 kernel with multi-core processors, networking capability and multimedia function. It features NFC (Near Field Communication), which allows mobile payment with security, SkyDrive (a cloud service which allows all content to be synced and available on all Window platforms), as well as detachable SD cards.

PocketNow claims that the leaked information has come from the Microsoft's video meant for insiders including partner, Nokia, in which Joe Belfiore, Microsoft's manager of the Windows Phone Program gives explanations on Windows Phone 8. Soon, many of its leaked features were confirmed by Windows blogger, Paul Thurrott in this posting (

Companion Experience

According to Paul Thurrott, Windows Phone 8 is ready to give Companion Experience across phone (Windows Phone 8), PC (Windows 8), and TV (Xbox vNext) based on common cloud service, so that users can sync or share contents (photos, music, movies) between all three devices, allowing phone management from PC or web, Xbox LIVE Games too.

Intensified Business Feature

What is notable is that Windows Phone 8 (Apollo) has boosted its enterprise support features by including 128-bit BitLocker and full-disk encryption just like Windows 8 and easy management on Exchange data. And, with a secure boot process, Windows Phone might challenge BlackBerry too.

It will support additional Exchange ActiveSync policies and System Center configuration settings and inventory capabilities reports WinSupersite.

According to Joe Belfiore's presentation, by the time Windows Phone 8 launches, over 100,000 Windows Phone 7.5- compatible apps will be available.

Skype apps available soon

Meanwhile, a recent report by the Verge claims that Skype apps will debut soon as early as the coming Mobile World Congress in a stand-alone app form for Windows Phone.

Until now, Windows Phone OS have been receiving positive reviews but still its market share trails iPhone and Android smartphones.