Nokia has just launched a new video hinting that an upcoming Windows Phone 8 release date could be announced very soon. A press event with Microsoft is scheduled for Sept. 5, coming right in between the dates that competitors Apple and Samsung are expected to make some major unveils as well.

The video begins with a girl riding a bike while smiling and looking into a camera. Although it is not explicitly stated, the footage gives the feel that the video was taken with a cell phone camera. This could possibly be a plug for some new video and camera features that will be available with Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.

Toward the end of the video, the tagline "Things are about to change," appears with the Sept. 5 date display across the screen. The clip was posted on Nokia's YouTube account on Wednesday morning, essentially adding more credibility to the rumor that a release date for Windows Phone 8 will be announced next week.

Mobile Research Group analyst Eldar Murtazin, who has a history with digging up Nokia rumors, has said that information on three new Windows Phone 8 devices will come on Sept. 5. One of the devices, code named Phi, will feature the same body design as the Nokia Lumia 800 and 900 models. However, the Windows Phone 8 device is expected to be thinner and larger than these smartphones.

"The screen is very nice," the Russian analyst said, adding that the Nokia Phi display is on par with some of the best models on the market.

Other specs that this Windows Phone 8 variant is expected to feature, according to Murtazin, include Near Field Communication module support and LTE connectivity. However, one of the pitfalls the alleged Phi smartphone may encounter is high power consumption.

The Russian publication has also revealed information about the potential Windows Phone 8 price, which is rumored to be the equivalent of $935, says Murtazin. Another mid-range device is expected to sell for $780 and the lower-end Windows Phone 8 will reportedly cost $650.

Earlier in August, it was reported that two Windows Phone 8 devices will be released in the fourth quarter of 2012, as the model numbers and prices were allegedly leaked according to Sam Mobile. The lower end model with the ID number I8370 was said to be priced between approximately $431 and $554, while the higher end variant was rumored fall in the price range of $615 and $738.

However, until Microsoft and Nokia make their official announcements, there is no way to know if these rumors are accurate. There was also recent confusion surrounding the cost of Microsoft's forthcoming tablet release known as the Surface. Initial speculations said that the tablet would cost a whopping $1,003, which originated from a Swedish website that listed the device at that price in July. It was more recently reported by Engadget that the Windows RT version of Microsoft's Surface tablet would sell for $199, the same price as competitor Google's Nexus 7.

Next month is likely to bring a host of new announcements and reveals from leading forces in the tech industry: Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung. Microsoft has already announced that the release date for its Windows 8 operating system will come in October, and it's Windows Phone 8 and Surface tablet devices are due out around the same time.

Apple will reportedly release its iPhone 5 alongside an iPad Mini in September, as multiple reports have cited. Samsung is expected to make some announcements today at its Samsung Mobile Unpacked event ahead of the IFA conference in Berlin. The Korea-based electronics manufacturer is expected to unveil its Galaxy Note 2 and possibly some more Android 4.1 Jelly Bean updates that could roll out for its devices soon.

However, Microsoft may have a leg up in the competition with Windows Phone 8, according to ZDNet.

"Microsoft's Windows Phone looks nothing at all like iOS and this might final be the way Microsoft gains some awareness for their mobile platform," writes Matthew Miller of the publication.

Check out the video below to see Nokia's tease for what's to come on Sept. 5.