The “Outlander” TV series was reportedly screened at the Jean Cocteu cinema in Santa Fe, the “Winds of Winter” book author George R.R. Martin revealed. The popular TV series has 16 episodes in the first season that were split into two parts.

In a recent blog post, Martin said that there was a special marathon session at the Jean Cocteu Cinema and the admission for the screening was free. The weeklong marathon is said to have ended on Sunday.

The TV series is an adaptation of the book series by Diana Gabaldon, who was also present during the first two nights of the screening at the cinema. The celebrity author talked about her books and the TV show and is also said to have answered questions from the audience.

The books from the series were put on display at the cinema and the author was said to have signed some of the books. Fans turned up for the event wearing kilts and carrying bagpipers in celebration of the Scottish culture that the books and the TV series highlight.

The event also featured the tasting of single-malt Scotch, but there was no haggis dish. Haggis is a Scottish pudding that is prepared using sheep’s heart, liver, lungs and sausage casing, along with onion, oatmeal, suet and spices. Martin said that they had to draw the line somewhere when it came to showcasing the Scottish culture at the event.

The Jean Cocteau Cinema is owned by Martin and is named after a popular French filmmaker and artist. The author finds time in his busy schedule, which now mostly involves completing “Winds of Winter,” to host events at the cinema that include live music events and also invites authors for book readings and signing.

The “Outlander” TV series is currently filming scenes for Season 2. Co-executive producer of the show Maril Davis revealed in a tweet that the production crew worked over the weekend and shot scenes in the night for two consecutive days. The filming is said to have continued till five in the morning and Davis said that it felt like having a jet lag after finishing the shoot.