“Witches of East End” will be back on Sunday, July 20 at 9 p.m. EDT with a brand new episode. And according to the episode 3 synopsis of the hit Lifetime series, fans will get their fill of thrills when “The Old Man and the Key” airs.

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The summary suggests that next week’s episode will focus on the storyline of Freya attempting to track down her soul mate, Killian. But little does she know that her tall, dark and handsome man has his toned arms wrapped tightly around another witch – and this island bruja’s name is Eva.

While Freya is traveling the world in search of Killian, Dash will be using his smarts to hunt someone down, too: his blackmailer. In episode 3 Dash will learn just who has been threatening him with knowledge of Killian’s alleged death. Once Dash does get a whiff of who has been intimidating him, the warlock will seek revenge. And we have to admit; we wouldn’t want to get on Dash’s bad side. If he’s willing to “kill” Killian then we couldn’t even imagine what he’d do to someone not within his bloodline.

Witches of East End season 2 spoilers What do you think is happening in this "Witches of East End" image of episode 3? Photo: Lifetime/Witches of East End

Wendy and Joanna will spend episode 3 suspiciously tracking down Frederick and trying to uncover what his true motives are since reconnecting with the Beauchamp family. While Joanna wants to believe her son is in East End with the purest intentions, Wendy’s not easily convinced that her nephew’s exit from Asgard is entirely a good thing. She believes there’s something ominous behind Frederick’s portal hopping.

But the most important storyline of episode 3 will surround Ingrid’s move from the beautiful Beauchamp home. By the end of episode 2 Ingrid had made up her mind that it was time for her to stand on her own two feet. But will her solo-move make her more vulnerable to the killer shadow lurking throughout East End? We’re not sure but the episode 3 title makes us believe that Ingrid (The Key) will meet someone that’s bound to help her figure out what’s been causing chaos in her hometown. Who could "The Old Man" be? Any guesses?

Prior to the death of her boss, Ingrid found a book in Dr. Foster’s collection titled “Le Clan de Beauchamp.” The piece of literature explained Ingrid’s family tree, dubbing each member a specific title: The Dagger (Joanna), The Bridge (Wendy), The Traveler (Freya), The Key (Ingrid) and The Gatherer who has yet to be revealed.

Could Joanna be keeping another family secret from the girls considering The Gatherer was a female, which means it couldn't possibly be a title referring to Frederick? Is that why Ingrid had decided to move out because of the secrets looming through the Beauchamp family home?

From the promo of The Old Man and the Key,” fans can see that they’ll be in for a drama-packed episode from Dash causing destruction after he’s unable to control his powers to Freya getting slammed with the hard truth that the man she ended her marriage for is now married himself.

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