A Longmont woman accused of felony sexual assault for allegedly groping a Transportation Security Administration agent in Phoenix, Ariz. on Thursday is getting support from the social network community.

A Facebook profile to Acquit Yukari Mihamae, the 61-year-old charged for allegedly grabbing the breast of a female TSA agent, began over the weekend. It now has some 2,400 supporters and the is number increases daily.

Mihame was flying home to Colorado when she allegedly got physical with the TSA agent at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix.

CBS 4 has reported that Mihamae is accused of grabbing the agent's breast with both hands and squeezing and twisting without reason. She was taken into custody at the screening area of the Sky Harbor Airport.

Mihamae, a writer and translator, has denied groping the agent and told the New York post that: I go through this every week, and every week there is some problem.

NBC has reported that the county attorney's office won't prosecute for the sexual charge because the incident wasn't sexually motivated.

Reports are that the Department of Homeland Security is taking that matter seriously and has said they won't tolerate assaults against its workforce.

Press officers at the airport couldn't be reached for a comment at this time.

Those who are angry with TSA's procedures took to the Acquit Yukari Mihamae Facebook page where they believe that Mihamae was jailed for something TSA agents do to passengers.

And many supporters weren't holding back on their comments.

One person wrote: Way to go Yukari? you're the best, you should have grab both of them . Now they'll know how we feel when we travel through one of their terminal and have to go thru this. ... Again way to go Yukari, wish you home soon stay strong hon. we love you here in NY

Another supporter thanked Mihamae for standing up to govt thugs.

Some have said she is a patriot, with courage and that she is giving TSA a taste of its own medicine.