Does The FBI’s Looming Biometric Database Bring Big Brother Closer?

The FBI's Next Generation Identification would use photographs and biometric data to help law enforcement entities nationwide identify "persons of interest." If NGI's early stages are any indication of where it's heading, privacy advocates and ordinary citizens are right to fear it.
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 A voter exits a voting booth after casting her ballot in Wilmington

Florida County Supervisors Resist Voter Purge

Florida election supervisors are refusing to go forward with a purge of non-citizen voters from the rolls, removing themselves from an escalating fight between the state and the Obama administration.
Hilda Solis

Court Blocks Labor Dept Changes To Guest-Worker Visa

A federal district judge issued a last-minute preliminary injunction that blocks the implementation of Department of Labor rules that stiffen employer obligations under the H-2B non-farm seasonal work visa. The rules were set to go into effect Friday, April 27.


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