Looks like the elusive Geezer Bandit may no longer be that elusive.

According to reports, the man responsible and wanted for robbing close to 20 banks throughout California left some vital clues in his most recent robbery of a bank that could lead authorities to his capture.

On Friday night, the Geezer Bandit targeted the Bank of America in San Luis Obispo, Calif. Reports say he approached a teller, passed a note threatening to kill the teller, and showed a handgun. The teller then proceeded to fill a plastic bag with cash and a dye packet, which the Geezer Bandit took and stuffed inside his day planner. He then ran off and, soon after, the dye packet exploded in the bank parking lot, causing the planner to drop and investigators to discover it.

I think the shock of the dye pack actually exploding in the bag created a diversion enough for him to obviously drop both the money and the other items that he was carrying, said Capt. Chris Staley of the San Luis Obispo Department to CBS Los Angeles .

WDAM-TV reports that the planner is being tested for fingerprints and DNA.  It station also reports that the exploding dye may have also stained the Geezer Bandit's skin red. The dye pack acted as a security device, a thin square package hidden inside a stack of bills that, when it finally explodes, sprays a red chemical in all directions, staining everything it touches. A sensor triggers the explosion, creating a chemical reaction that can burn skin.

When he gets about 30 yards away from the bank, you'll see a puff of red smoke, said FBI Special Agent Darrell Foxworth said to WDAM-TV while looking at surveillance video of the robbery on Friday.

Foxworth also said that the despite the effectiveness of the dye pack, the stains may or may not have gotten all over the Geezer Bandit's upper torso and face. The Geezer Bandit could have been wearing a mask and gloves that look like human hands that could have mitigated the staining.

According to msnbc.com, Tom Parker, who retired as the Assistant Special Agent in charge of the Los Angeles FBI Office, said that the Geezer Bandit's robbery methodology is practically the same for every robbery, effectively becoming his mode of operation.

It's almost like a ritualistic pattern the way he does it, Parker said.

Even the amount of time between robberies has become a pattern in Parker's eyes, which law enforcement can use that to their advantage by anticipating his next move.

In a week to a month on the outside, he'll probably pull another one, Parker said. If he keeps up that pattern, he certainly increases the odds of getting caught.

According to CBSNews .com, the FBI said recently that the Geezer Bandit may not even be a geezer at all, but rather a woman, if it's confirmed that a mask was worn. The FBI is analyzing the surveillance video for clues.

A picture on the CBSNews.com site says: The Geezer Bandit is described as an older white man in his 60s or 70s. He stands about six feet tall and weighs about 190 pounds. Anyone with information is asked to call San Diego County Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-8477. Callers will remain anonymous and may be eligible for up to $16,000 in separate rewards being offered in the case.

Check out msnbc.com's report of the Geezer Bandit below: