A U-Haul truck driven into a tailgating area of a Yale-Harvard game sped up into three women Saturday, killing one and injuring two, The Associated Press reported.

A Yale student was driving the U-Haul according to Yale Daily News.

New Haven Police spokesman David Hartman told the AP that the U-Haul truck accelerated for unknown reasons. Following the crash, the truck then drove into other U-Haul vans in the tailgating lot.

Hartman told the AP that a 30-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the Yale-New Haven hospital. Another woman was seriously hurt, but in stable condition, while the third woman suffered minor injuries.

Yale Daily News also reported that the tailgate area where the U-Haul truck crashed has been closed off and is being treated as a crime scene, however the rest of the tailgate continues.

Police are currently questioning the U-Haul driver.