A woman complaining to a reporter about the lack of police presence in Brazil was brazenly mugged on a Rio de Janeiro street on live television during an interview.

In the video, which you can view above, the woman speaks to RJTV reporter Eduardo Tchao about Rio’s high crime rate as a man swiftly comes into the camera's view and snatches the woman’s gold chain from her necklace. Chao then runs after the thief, but the mugger is able to get away from the reporter. 

However, the robber wasn’t so lucky with authorities. According to the Daily Mail, he was caught.

Rio de Janeiro, famous for its high crime rate, has had a surge in criminal activity after a crackdown on drug traffickers in the northern portion of the Brazilian city, according to the New York Daily News. Rio is set to host the FIFA World Cup this summer and the Summer Olympics in 2016.