PGA Tour legends Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer are known for their golfing skills, but they may have just secured a role in the next “Expendables” movie.

In a new commercial for EA Sports’ “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14,” Woods and Palmer join forces to beat up a group of thugs that are attempting to steal their enormous trophy collection. Needless to say, the thugs weren’t counting on the dynamic duo’s fists of fury.

Most golf fans know that Woods is in peak physical condition, but this new commercial is all about Palmer. The 83-year-old Hall of Famer is remarkably spry for a man entering his twilight years, demonstrating the fighting skills of a much younger man.

Of course, Woods and Palmer’s efforts would have all been for naught if not for the sudden appearance of yet another gray-haired titan of the fairway. At the commercial’s 1:10 mark, six-time Major winner Lee Trevino makes a spectacular entrance by way of a zip line, dispensing a harsh beating to a particularly large thug and securing the trophies once and for all.

EA Sports must see a connection between golf and martial arts -- Golf Digest notes that this is the second straight year that the company’s “Tiger Woods PGA Tour” franchise has been matched with a fighting theme. Last year, Woods faced off against former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal in the game’s “Duel of the Masters” commercial.

“Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14” is slated to hit store Tuesday.