Broadway will soon have another Woody Allen creation on the stage: Bullets Over Broadway. The 1994 film is being adapted into a musical that aims to open in 2013.

The movie, which was nominated for seven Academy Awards, depicts a struggling playwright (played by John Cusack in the film) in 1920s New York who is forced to cast a mobster's untalented girlfriend (Jennifer Tilly) in his play in order to have it produced. Dianne Wiest's performance as a theater diva in the film won her a Supporting Actress Oscar.

Producers Julian Schlossberg and Letty Aronson announced Thursday that Allen is writing the book for the show and will feature existing music from the Prohibition-era. The creative team, casting and performance schedule have not been announced yet.

The producers (Aronson being Allen's sister) have worked with Allen on various stage ventures, including this season's Relatively Speaking. Aronson was also one of the producers of Allen's most recent film Midnight in Paris, which is up for four Oscars this Sunday.