Enhance memory skills, improve spelling, and increase your number of hookups?  The Words With Friends gaming application seems like it should be changing its name to Words With Friends With Benefits.

Words With Friends is a scrabble-type game that you can play on your phone, but according to a poll conducted by Zynga, the maker of the application, this game has the possibility to spell out L-O-V-E. The poll surveyed 100,000 players and revealed that one in 10 players of the game have hooked up with an opponent as a direct cause of the game. Of these users, 47 percent of them have also expressed having a crush on one of their competitors.  

While a crush or a hook up might not seem like much, the Huffington Post said that a few players have even met their spouses after playing a random opponent on Words With Friends.

The Wall Street Journal found Trish and Dave Palmer, a couple whose competitiveness brought them together. Trish had lost a game, and after challenging David to a rematch they began exchanging messages. Two years later the couple brought their tiles together in holy matrimony.

Megan Lawless and Jasper Jasperse also found love through the random opponent option on Words With Friends. According to Red Eye Chicago, the couple began an overseas relationship in 2009. Lawless and Jasperse exchanged emails and video chats which eventually led to their marriage.

The co-creator of Words With Friends, Paul Bettner, told the Wall Street Journal that the game is a form of fate. When two people meet, it's that they've hit that button at the exact same moment in time.

For those that haven't had the opportunity for the letter tiles to spell out love, rest assured that 38 percent of players said they would be more than willing to hook up with someone if they're good at 'Words With Friends.' That got us thinking what other iPhone games could be doubling as a match maker (click on the slide show above).