World Cup 2014: Printable Bracket, Draw For The Final 16 Teams In The Knockout Stage

Bracket for the World Cup Knockout Stage International Business Times/Hanna Sender

After 15 days of arguably the best group stage in World Cup history, the tournament's knockout stage is set, with half of the 32 participating countries advancing to the Round of 16.

There will be no matches on Friday, but World Cup 2014 continues with two matches in the next four days, followed by two quarterfinal matches on Friday, which is the Fourth of July, and Saturday, July 5.

Brazil starts the knockout stage with a match against Chile. The host nation outscored its Group A opponents 7-2, and entered the tournament as favorites to win the whole thing.

For those who decided to skip their office pool before the start of the tournament, it’s not too late to give it another shot for the final 16.

Here's the scoring for the knockout stage, which is a single-elimination round. (There is a third-place game, as well.)

Round of 16: 8 games (3 points for each correct answer)

Quarterfinals: 4 games (8 points for each correct answer)

Semifinals: 2 games (15 points for each correct answer)

Third Place: 1 game (5 points for the correct answer)

Final: 1 game (30 points for the correct answer)

Tiebreaker: 1 point for the correct final score of the Final

Download a printable PDF here

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