The kickoff of the World Cup is now less than 48 hours away, with hosts Brazil taking on Croatia in the opening match of soccer’s biggest event.

It will be the first time that the spiritual home of the world’s game, certainly its most beautiful version, will host the event since 1950. There is huge pressure on the team, led by Barcelona star Neymar, to go one better than they did 62 years ago when they were defeated by Uruguay in the final game -- a loss that still haunts the nation to this day. Brazil face stiff competition, though, with Spain looking to become the first country since Brazil in 1962 to retain the World Cup, while an Argentina squad led by Lionel Messi and a strong Germany team are also considered frontrunners.

The good news for fans in the United States is that there will be unprecedented access to the event. Between them, ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC will have live coverage of all 64 matches. Adding further accessibility to their coverage, every match will also be available to be live streamed via ESPN3 -- which will carry the matches in multiple languages and from multiple camera angles -- Watch ESPN and Watch ABC. If you don’t have the authentication to watch via ESPN online, a free live stream of every match can be viewed on Univision’s website.

Here’s the full schedule of matches and where to watch them:

Thursday, June 12

Group A: Brazil Vs. Croatia, 4 p.m. ET, Sao Paulo (ESPN)

Friday, June 13

Group A: Mexico Vs. Cameroon, noon, Natal (ESPN2)

Group B: Spain Vs. Netherlands, 3 p.m., Salvador (ESPN)

Group B: Chile Vs. Australia, 6 p.m., Cuiaba (ESPN2)

Saturday, June 14

Group C: Colombia Vs. Greece, noon, Belo Horizonte (ABC)

Group D: Uruguay Vs. Costa Rica, 3 p.m., Fortaleza (ABC)

Group D: England Vs. Italy, 6 p.m., Manaus (ESPN)

Group C: Ivory Coast Vs. Japan, 9 p.m., Recife (ESPN)

Sunday, June 15

Group E: Switzerland Vs. Ecuador, noon, Brasilia (ABC)

Group E: France Vs. Honduras, 3 p.m., Porto Alegre (ABC)

Group F: Argentina Vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina, 6 p.m., Rio de Janeiro (ESPN)

Monday, June 16

Group G: Germany Vs. Portugal, noon, Salvador (ESPN)

Group F: Iran Vs. Nigeria, 3 p.m., Curitiba (ESPN)

Group G: USA Vs. Ghana, 6 p.m., Natal (ESPN)

Tuesday, June 17

Group H: Belgium Vs. Algeria, noon, Belo Horizonte (ESPN)

Group A: Brazil Vs. Mexico, 3 p.m., Fortaleza (ESPN)

Group H: Russia Vs. South Korea, 6 p.m., Cuiaba (ESPN)

Wednesday, June 18

Group B: Australia Vs. Netherlands, noon, Porto Alegre (ESPN)

Group B: Spain Vs. Chile, 3 p.m., Rio de Janeiro (ESPN)

Group A: Cameroon Vs. Croatia, 6 p.m., Manaus (ESPN)

Thursday, June 19

Group C: Colombia Vs. Ivory Coast, noon, Brasilia (ESPN)

Group D: Uruguay Vs. England, 3 p.m., Sao Paulo (ESPN)

Group C: Japan Vs. Greece, 6 p.m., Natal (ESPN)

Friday, June 20

Group D: Italy Vs. Costa Rica, noon, Recife (ESPN)

Group E: Switzerland Vs. France, 3 p.m., Salvador (ESPN)

Group E: Honduras Vs. Ecuador, 6 p.m., Curitiba (ESPN)

Saturday, June 21

Group F: Argentina Vs. Iran, noon, Belo Horizonte (ESPN)

Group G: Germany Vs. Ghana, 3 p.m., Fortaleza (ESPN)

Group F: Nigeria Vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina, 6 p.m., Cuiaba (ESPN)

Sunday, June 22

Group H: Belgium Vs. Russia, noon, Rio de Janeiro (ABC)

Group H: South Korea Vs. Algeria, 3 p.m., Porto Alegre (ABC)

Group G: USA Vs. Portugal, 6 p.m., Manaus (ESPN)

Monday, June 23

Group B: Netherlands Vs. Chile, noon, Sao Paulo (ESPN2)

Group B: Australia Vs. Spain, noon, Curitiba (ESPN)

Group A: Croatia Vs. Mexico, 4 p.m., Recife (ESPN)

Group A: Cameroon Vs. Brazil, 4 p.m., Brasilia (ESPN2)

Tuesday, June 24

Group D: Italy VS. Uruguay, noon, Natal (ESPN)

Group D: Costa Rica Vs. England, noon, Belo Horizonte (ESPN2)

Group C: Japan Vs. Colombia, 4 p.m., Cuiaba (ESPN)

Group C: Greece Vs. Ivory Coast, 4 p.m., Fortaleza (ESPN2)

Wednesday, June 25

Group F: Nigeria Vs. Argentina, noon, Porto Alegre (ESPN)

Group F: Iran Vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina, noon, Salvador (ESPN2)

Group E: Ecuador Vs. France, 4 p.m., Rio de Janeiro (ESPN2)

Group E: Honduras VS. Switzerland, 4 p.m., Manaus (ESPN)

Thursday, June 26

Group G: USA Vs. Germany, noon, Recife (ESPN)

Group G: Portugal Vs. Ghana, noon, Brasilia (ESPN2)

Group H: South Korea Vs. Belgium, 4 p.m., Sao Paulo (ESPN)

Group H: Algeria Vs. Russia, 4 p.m., Porto Alegre (ESPN2)

Round of 16

Saturday, June 28

Match 49: 1A Vs. 2B, noon, Belo Horizonte (ABC)

Match 50: 1C Vs. 2D, 4 p.m., Rio de Janeiro (ABC)

Sunday, June 29

Match 51: 1B Vs. 2A, noon, Fortaleza (ESPN)

Match 52: 1D Vs. 2C, 4 p.m., Recife (ESPN)

Monday, June 30

Match 53: 1E Vs. 2F, noon, Brasilia (ESPN)

Match 54: 1G VS. 2H, 4 p.m., Porto Alegre (ESPN)

Tuesday, July 1

Match 55: 1F Vs. 2E, noon, Sao Paulo (ESPN)

Match 56: 1H Vs. 2G, 4 p.m., Salvador (ESPN)


Friday, July 4

Match 58: match 53 winner Vs. match 54 winner, noon, Rio de Janeiro (ESPN2)

Match 57: match 49 winner VS. match 50 winner, 4 p.m., Fortaleza (ESPN)

Saturday, July 5

Match 60: match 55 winner Vs. match 56 winner, noon, Brasilia (ABC)

Match 59: match 51 winner Vs. match 52 winner, 4 p.m., Salvador (ESPN)

Semifinals, July 8 & July 9 

Match 61: match 57 winner Vs. match 58 winner, 4 p.m., Belo Horizonte (ESPN)

Match 62: match 59 winner Vs. match 60 winner, 4 p.m., Sao Paulo (ESPN)

Third-Placed Game, July 12

Match 63: loser of match 61 Vs. loser of match 62, 4 p.m., Brasilia (ESPN)

Final, July 13 

Match 64: winner of match 61 Vs. winner of match 62, 4 p.m., Rio de Janeiro (ABC)