The demo versions of “World of Final Fantasy” and “Pokémon Sun and Moon” are now out, so fans of the games can download them to check out what the full titles have to offer.

The “World of Final Fantasy” and “Pokémon Sun and Moon” demo versions were previously announced to launch this Tuesday, Oct. 18, so it did not come as a surprise that they are now available for download via their respective supported consoles.

According to GearNuke, the “World of Final Fantasy” demo size is 1.2GB for the PlayStation 4 edition and around 500MB for the PS Vita edition. Developed by Square Enix, the demo gives a sneak peek at the role-playing video game that is slated to officially release in North America on Oct. 25.

“World of Final Fantasy” centers on the Lilikian and Jiant forms of Reynn and Lann. The game is set in Grymoire, where all of the characters and even monsters are rendered in chibi-style. Interestingly, only the twin protagonists have the ability to switch to their true forms at will. Meanwhile, “Final Fantasy” characters Cloud, Squal and Lightning are also featured in the game.

So as not to spoil much on what the full version would be like, Square Enix reportedly made the demo version  in such a way that it will only serve as a basic tutorial for the game’s combat system. Kotaku reports that players will only get to have a quick romp through the mechanics of the game and enjoy a special treat at the end in the demo.

Another highly anticipated game that launched a demo version this Tuesday is Game Freak’s “Pokémon Sun and Moon.” The demo of the Alola region-set Pokémon games is already available for download from the Nintendo eShop and it clocked in at 3.2GB.

According to, fans should consider downloading the demo version since it comes with extra gifts. In addition to showing players a slice of the “Pokémon Sun and Moon” experience, players get exclusive access to a level 36 Ash-Greninja at the start of the game. The Pokémon can be sent over to the full games once they arrive in North America on Nov. 18.