Porsche AG, Stuttgart, opened the North American International Auto Show with the world premiere of the Porsche 918 RSR on Monday.

The two-seater mid-engine coupé 918 RSR is a high-end synthesis in the field of hybrid technology. It reveals what happens when the technology fitted in the 911 GT3 R hybrid and the design of the 918 Spyder are transferred to a modern, innovative super sports car.

We are back in Detroit with a clear message: Porsche further extends its competencies when it comes to performance and efficiency. The Porsche 918 RSR impressively demonstrates the passion of our engineers and designers for developing the world's most advanced and best looking sports cars, said Matthias Mueller, President and CEO of Porsche AG at the world premiere in Detroit.

During the show, Mueller underlined the growing demand for Porsche, not only in the U.S., but also on a worldwide basis.

The momentum on the product front resulted in an order intake by the end of last year that increased by nearly 50 percent to more than 110,000 vehicles.