World Press Photo Contest 2013: The Multimedia Winners

on February 01 2013 12:18 PM
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“With the Multimedia Competition, we are trying to do justice to what we see happening in the field,” World Press Photo Managing Director Michiel Munneke said on Friday as members of its international jury announced the 2013 winners of the nonprofit foundation's annual contest.

The competition highlights the world’s pre-eminent movers and shakers in the emerging field, with prizes spanning three categories: Online Short, Online Feature and Interactive Documentary.

Judges gathered at the World Press Photo office in Amsterdam over a period of six days earlier this year to view the 287 entries and discuss their respective merits.

“For the jury, the major challenge is that the field is changing almost hourly, so figuring out what the ‘standard’ is, is a very ephemeral effort,” said jury chair Keith W. Jenkins, who is also the supervising senior producer for multimedia at NPR. “You have to be able to articulate the specifics of what you’re looking for, but also be flexible and understand that it’s a process that’s evolving.”

Jenkins said that basic qualities of good journalism like integrity, narrative, voice and entertainment value still apply, but each year there are new developments “based on the technology, the platform and the storytelling intent of the people producing a particular work.”

World Press Photo’s Multimedia Competition is only in its third iteration this year and is separate from the long-running photojournalism contest, but the foundation's director, Muneke, said it’s an important field to highlight.

“Our ambition is to inspire photographers to move forward and explore new territories. We want to challenge them to tell stories in a different, compelling way,” he said. “Part of our mission is to encourage the highest professional standards in visual journalism and to support documentary storytelling in all its aspects. That’s why, amongst other initiatives, we started our multimedia contest."

The first place winner in each category receives a Golden Eye Award, in addition to a cash prize of 1,500 euros ($2,045). The organization will present the awards at a ceremony on April 27 in Amsterdam.

During the event, World Press Photo will unveil what it says is a ground-breaking research project to map the global emergence and development of multimedia in visual storytelling, developed by Dr. David Campbell and supported by FotografenFederatie, the Dutch Photographers Association.

For more information on the World Press Photo competition, visit or scroll down for a selection of winning images from the multimedia contest:

1st Prize Online Feature - Too Young to Wed

1st Prize Online Feature - Too Young to Wed Executive producer, photographer and additional videographer: Stephanie Sinclair, VII Photo Agency Director and cinematographer: Jessica Dimmock, VII Photo Agency Production supervisor: Alina Grosman Production assistant: Tesfaye Almnew Translator: Simengnish Yekoye Post production: Union HZ Editor: Joshua Banville Creative director: Jeremiah Zagar Graphic design: Jonah Birns Executive producer: Jeremy Yaches Associate producer: Alice K. Dugan Translator: Noel Mesfin UNFPA and VII Photo Agency in association with Union HZ Fifteen-year-old Destaye and her husband spend their time working in the fields of Ethiopia and taking care of their six-month-old baby. At the time of their marriage, Destaye was 11-years old and still in school, but her husband expressed interest in letting her continue her education. Since the birth of their son, however, she has had to fulfill her duties as a wife and mother exclusively. Still from Too Young to Wed

1st Prize Interactive Documentary - Alma a Tale of Violence

1st Prize Interactive Documentary - Alma a Tale of Violence Authors and directors: Miquel Dewever-Plana and Isabelle Fougère Producers: Alexandre Brachet and Margaux Missika Photography and camera: Miquel Dewever-Plana Text and interview: Isabelle Fougère Drawings: Hugues Micol Art direction: Sébastien Brothier Music: Greg Corsaro Editing: Lydia Decobert Animation: Jérôme Gonçalvès Technical director: Maxime Quintard Flash developer: David Desprès For five years, Alma belonged to one of the most violent gangs in Guatemala City. She has committed murder, battery, and brutality. Brutalized herself, she has been jailed many times. With 18 murders a day, Guatemala is a country undermined by violence. Alma is typical of her generation, where youths grow up in a world in which laws and justice are flouted with impunity. Families mired in poverty, despair, and alcoholism destroy each other in gang warfare that has become an ordinary way of life – and death. She was sentenced to death by her 'homies' the day she wanted to quit the gang. Yet she survived the bullets. Although she will never walk again, she is striving to rebuild her life. Miquel Dewever-Plana

1st Prize Online Short - Into the Shadows

1st Prize Online Short - Into the Shadows Photography, direction and camera: Pep Bonet, Noor Images Producer, script and interviews: Line Hadsbjerg, Remarkable World Sound designer, music and multimedia editor: José Bautista, KanseiSounds People from neighboring countries move to South Africa in search of a better life. In inner-city Johannesburg, many of them struggle for acceptance in the face of discrimination, but are resourceful and persistent in their hope for the future. Pep Bonet, Noor Images

2nd Prize Online Feature - Dying for Relief - Bitter Pills

2nd Prize Online Feature - Dying for Relief - Bitter Pills Photography, video and production: Liz O. Baylen, Los Angeles Times Executive producer: Mary Vignoles Edward Shut spent 111 nights at Malibu Beach Recovery Center detoxing and undergoing intensive therapy to fight his addiction to prescription drugs. Liz O. Baylen, Los Angeles Times

3rd Prize Online Short - Aleppo Battleground

3rd Prize Online Short - Aleppo Battleground Images: Jérôme Sessini, Magnum Photos for Le Monde Editorial Director: Clément Saccomani, Magnum Photos Producers: Antonin Sabot and Marie Sumalla, Le Monde Photo Director: Nicolas Jimenez, Le Monde A photojournalist in Aleppo, Syria is guided by a member of the Free Syria Army (FSA) to the front line in Al Arkub, a civilian neighborhood destroyed by bombing and now serving as a post for the FSA. They then move to the neighborhood of Bustan Al-Bacha, next to the area still under the control of the Syrian Army. Jérôme Sessini, Magnum Photos for Le Monde

2nd Prize Online Short - Living with a Secret

2nd Prize Online Short - Living with a Secret Photography, video and production: Arkasha Stevenson, Los Angeles Times Executive producer: Marc Martin An increasing number of children in the US are questioning their gender identity and seeking professional support at transgender clinics. Because of their age, the complex and emotional journey is as much their parents' as their own. 'Living with a Secret' is the story of Amber, a soft-spoken, feminine 12-year-old who loves Hello Kitty and fashion design. When she was 10, she stopped going by her given name, Aaron, and began dressing as a girl. Arkasha Stevenson, Los Angeles Times

3rd Prize Online Feature - Dreams on Freewheels (2)

3rd Prize Online Feature - Dreams on Freewheels (2) Director, photographer and video editor: Yang Enze, Southern Metropolis Daily Producer: Tan Weishan Text: Yang Enze and Lin Yang Visual designer: Guan Jian Sound effects and music: Chi Shuai Voiceover: Lin Wei Executive producer: Liang Yin General producer: Wang Jingchun Producer: Huang Changkai and Zhuang Shenzhi There are seven members in the China Disabled Track Cycling Team. The team trained for four years to compete at an international level and took part in the 2012 London Paralympic Games. They won six gold medals, four silver medals, and five bronze medals. As a team, these individuals have a better life. Yang Enze, Southern Metropolis Daily

2nd Prize Interactive Documentary - Bear 71

2nd Prize Interactive Documentary - Bear 71 Direction: Jeremy Mendes and Leanne Allison Screenwriting: JB MacKinnon Production: Loc Dao, Dana Dansereau, Rob McLaughlin, Bonnie Thompson and David Christensen Installation co-creation: Lance Weiler Web design and development: Jam3 Bear 71 is an interactive story told from the point of view of a female grizzly bear, dubbed 'Bear 71'. Park rangers collared her when she was three-years old and tracked her through trail cameras. Her story speaks to how we coexist with wildlife in the age of networks, surveillance, and digital information en masse. The bear’s world is revealed through a script and the project features hundreds of ‘trail cam’ images of wildlife in the Rocky Mountains captured over the last ten years. Still from Bear 71, National Film Board Canada

3rd Prize Interactive Documentary - Lost and Found

3rd Prize Interactive Documentary - Lost and Found Producer and reporter: Claire O'Neill, NPR Designer and developer: Wesley Lindamood In the 1990s, photo historian Rich Remsberg discovered a collection of photos in boxes headed for the trash. The photos showed a view of American history like he had never seen it. America in color, as early as 1938. The photos Remsberg found had been taken by hobbyist photographer Charles W. Cushman and separated from a much larger collection. Fully reunified and now housed at Indiana University, the archive contains more than 14,000 photos spanning three decades typically depicted in black and white — including one of the first known color photos of a freshly-painted Golden Gate Bridge. Charles W. Cushman

Honorable Mention Interactive Documentary - Unknown Spring

Honorable Mention Interactive Documentary - Unknown Spring Director and photographer: Jake Price Art director and programmer: Visakh Menon UnknownSpring is an immersive online anthology that chronicles a community's efforts to overcome the tsunami that struck Japan on 11 March 2011 through interactive maps, survivor interviews, video, and audio slideshows, Unknown Spring is a project that provides a portrait of Yuriage, a town that was obliterated by the tsunami's backwaters, and its residents as they try to move past their traumas and continue on with life. Jake Price

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