The New York Mets and Kansas City Royals are set to meet in the 2015 World Series, and experts seems to be split on whom will be victorious. But there are several different wagers that gamblers can make other than just picking which team will win the Fall Classic.

The Mets are slight favorites to win the series, having been given 10/11 odds. But the series is expected to be close, and the odds favor it going seven games. There are 2/1 odds that the series will be won in seven games, and a four-game sweep is considered to be the most unlikely at 7/1 odds.

New York swept the National League Championship Series, but they needed five games to win the National League Division Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. In Kansas City’s last three playoff series, they’ve played 18 out of 19 possible games.

Daniel Murphy hasn’t been much more than an average player in his career with the Mets, but his historic run in the playoffs has made him the favorite to be named the World Series MVP. Having set a record by hitting a home run in six consecutive games, he has11/2 odds to win the award. The second baseman is hitting .421 with a 1.462 OPS in nine postseason games.

Kansas City’s shortstop has played much better in the postseason, as well. Alcides Escobar hit .257 in the regular season, but he’s hitting .386 in the playoffs with a 10-game hit streak. He’s second with 7/1 MVP odds.

Jacob deGrom has the best MVP odds of any pitcher at 10/1. He’ll start Game 2 for New York, and he’s 3-0 in the 2015 playoffs.

There are betting odds for the number of stolen bases, sacrifice bunts and home runs for each team. Bettors can even wager on what fans in the crowd might do at the game.

Below are betting odds for the 2015 World Series winner, as well as various prop bets, courtesy of

Odds to win the World Series

Kansas City: 11/10

New York: 10/11

Odds the World Series is won in

4 games: 7/1

5 games: 10/3

6 games: 7/3

7 games: 2/1

Odds to win the World Series MVP

Daniel Murphy: 11/2

Alcides Escobar: 7/1

Lorenzo Cain: 8/1

Yoenis Cespedes: 8/1

Jacob deGrom: 10/1

Kendrys Morales: 12/1

Over/under on stolen bases for

Kansas City: 4

New York: 4.5

Combined: 8.5

Over/under on sacrifice bunts for

Kansas City: 3.5

New York: 3

Combined: 6.5

Over/under on home runs for

Kansas City: 3

New York: 4.5

Combined: 7.5

Odds a home run breaks the fountain at Kauffman Stadium: 600/1

Odds a home run breaks the apple at Citi Field: 1000/1

Over/under on the number of replay reviews in the series: 4.5

Over/under on the number of calls challenged by managers in the series: 3

Odds a player or manager gets ejected during a World Series game: 22/1

Odds there is a brawl with at least one punch thrown during the World Series: 99/1

Fan Props :

Odds a fan runs onto the field during the World Series: 9/1

Odds a fan streaks the field during the World Series: 100/1

Odds a fan parachutes into the stadium during the World Series: 2000/1

Odds a streaking fan arrives via parachute: 5000/1

Odds it snows during the World Series: 100/1

Broadcast Props :

Over/under on the number of Fox promos for non-sports Fox television shows: 20.5

Over/under on the number of times the broadcast cuts to shots of fans in costume on Halloween: 8.5

Over/under on the number of times Fox shows the NYC skyline during World Series broadcasts: 9.5

Over/under on the number of times Fox shows George Brett during World Series broadcasts: 5.5

Over/under on the number of times the Mets’ 1986 championship is referenced during World Series broadcasts: 13.5

Over/under on the number of times the name “Buckner” is mentioned during World Series broadcasts: 4.5

Over/under on the number of celebrity sightings during the World Series: 15

Odds there is another “moment” with Rob Manfred/Erin Andrews during trophy presentation: 500/1