Blizzard Entertainment has released several updates for the Patch 6.1.2 hotfixes for "World of Warcraft" ("WoW"). These updates contain information on various issues that have been resolved, such as the classes and glyphs of the game. Included are bug fixes for the Blood-Soaked Invitations and the Glyph of Denounce. Read on to learn more about the latest "WoW" updates.  

"World Of Warcraft" Patch 6.1.2 Hotfixes Update reports that the latest hotfixes were released Monday. Information about the Paladin is provided. Other hotfixes were released May 5 and May 7. They included updates on the Patrol Mission Specialist Achievement and Blackhand's Demolition ability. Below is a list of the latest "WoW" Patch 6.1.2 hotfixes.

1. Bug Fixes

a. Blood-Soaked Invitations: The issue wherein “WoW” Alliance characters that are conducting a faction transfer and are not converting properly into the appropriate equivalent for Horde characters has already been fixed.

b. Achievements (Patrol Mission Specialist): The issue wherein "WoW" characters are not getting the right credit after they have completed the Patrol Mission Specialist achievement has also been resolved.

2. Classes  

a. Paladin (General - Hand of Freedom): This ability cannot be used anymore as long as the “WoW” character is stunned.

3. Glyphs

a. Glyph Of Denounce: This glyph that is used by the Paladin (Holy) character can now be completely removed through dispel.

4. Raids And Dungeons (Blackrock Foundry)

a. Blackhand's Demolition Ability: This particular ability has less damage now. It has been reduced to 20 percent.

b. Blackhand's Massive Demolition Ability: The damage of this ability has also been reduced to 5 percent. This applies to various difficulties of the game including Normal, Mythic and Heroic.

c. The Blast Furnace: Sometimes, extra Bellows Operators will spawn after the Blast Furnace fight has moved on to the second phase. This glitch has already been fixed for the “WoW” players.

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