World of Warcraft will be celebrating its seventh anniversary on Nov. 23, and players are being rewarded with gifts.

It's been a truly incredible seven years, and we'd like to thank you all for joining us for yet another fantastic year,  developer Blizzard said on its official blog, according to the Web site

The massive multiplayer game has had several expansions in the past seven years, the upcoming Mists of Pandaria, which was announced last month.

Any player that logs into the game between Sunday and Dec. 3 will automatically receive a Feat of Strength and a celebration item, according to USA Today.

As of November, there are more than 10 million subscribers to the game. The last update before Pandaria, called Cataclysm, won awards for being the years best massive multiplayer game and sold 4.7 million units in its first month, accorindg to

When the game was first released in 2004, it won several awards from gaming organizations and publications, and was the best selling PC game of 2005 and 2006. Even many non-gamers are aware of World of Warcrafts cultural impact, as it has been mentioned and parodied on shows such as 'South Park' and 'How I Met Your Mother.'