Alberto dal Lago, 41 and Karla Munguia, 43 wed under the sea this past weekend off the coast of Punta Venado beach in Playa del Carmen.  The couple invited 300 guests from South Africa, Egypt, Brazil, France and Italy to attend the watery wedding, but only 205 made the plunge, dashing the couple's dreams of breaking the world record for largest attendance at an underwater wedding.

The current record was set by an Italian couple who had 261 guests at their ceremony in 2010.

Nevertheless, the Mexican real estate broker and Italian scuba instructor exchanged rings and signaled their vows before swimming to the surface.  The bride wore a white gown and the groom, a bow tie over his scuba gear.

Judge Jorge Denis, who officiated, had to learn scuba diving for the ceremony.

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The underwater wedding was not just a world record attempt, the pair hoped to raise awareness of the plight of endangered sharks.  According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, 50 of the world's 300 shark species are listed as vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered.

After the ceremony, the bride told the Telegraph, I'm happy because I married the man of my dreams in the place I love the most: the sea.

The groom said he was drawn to the woman who was so at ease in the water and shared his passion.

Here's a look at the July 17th wedding under the sea: