If there's one thing the world isn't running out of, its wacky and weird restaurant ideas.  

The A380 airplane themed restaurant has opened its doors in China serving Western-style to customers on plastic trays in egg-shaped booths.  

The waitresses are specially trained to act as air hostesses as they serve food and drink over the 600-square-meter restaurant, which boasts six airplane-themed private rooms. 

This is not the first restaurant that adopts the airplane design, but the A380 based on the world's biggest jet is dubbed Special Class  and is more chic than its predecessor. It does not come cheap, however, with special seating areas costing up to £1,000.

Other weird restaurants from around the world:

Modern Toilet: The first toilet-themed restaurant chain was opened in Taipei, in 2004, and now there are chains all over Taiwan, Hong King and mainland China. Modern Toilet guests can quite literally sit on toilets and eat their meals from toilet bowl plates placed on top of bath tubs. 

Ithaa (Under the Sea): Ever thought to eat seafood surrounded by fish? The Ithaa restaurant at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort, is sixteen feet below sea-level. Guests can enjoy watching the sea life as they sit on their tables beneath a transparent tunnel. 

Dinner in the Sky: For those who prefer to be above the ground, there is Dinner in the Sky -- a facility that hosts parties of up to 22 people on a 30-foot-long platform held up by a crane. Each seating lasts for eight hours and the catering is not including so guests can choose what they want to eat. 

Snow Castle: The world's largest ice castle in Finland also happens to be one of the weirdest and coolest restaurants in the world. Snow Restaurant melts every spring and is built again every winter. 

Heart Attack Grill: The grease is in the name. Ever dream of a quadruple-bypass cheese burger? Well you can get one at the Heart Attack Grill in Chandler, Ariz., which has a clinical design and the greasiest, juiciest burgers you've probably ever seen.