Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns are favored to leave Royal Rumble 2015 victorious and face each other in the main event of WrestleMania 31, but a few other wrestlers have a legitimate chance to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match and the 30-man battle royal. As the first PPV of the year approaches, the betting odds have moved in favor of a few underdogs.

Having only defended his title once, losing to John Cena by disqualification at Night of Champions, Lesnar has held the belt since SummerSlam. Once a 1/3 favorite to win the championship match, his odds have moved to 4/9. Cena, once a 3/1 underdog to win back the belt, has seen his odds move to 17/10. Seth Rollins has 6/1 odds of winning the match, though he could still lose the match and cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

Reigns has the same odds to win the Royal Rumble match that Lesnar has to defeat Cena and Rollins. However, he was once a 2/5 favorite. After beating Kane on SmackDown to assure himself of a spot in the match, Daniel Bryan has 13/8 odds to win a spot in the main event of WrestleMania for the second straight year.

Below are betting odds for every match at the 2015 Royal Rumble. All odds are provided by Paddy Power.

30-Man Royal Rumble Match

Roman Reigns 4/9  Daniel Bryan 13/8  Randy Orton 12/1  Dolph Ziggler 14/1

Rusev 16/1  Bray Wyatt 16/1  Dean Ambrose 16/1  Big Show 22/1  Triple H 25/1

Kane 25/1  Ryback 35/1  Big E 50/1  Adam Rose 50/1  Sheamus 50/1  Bad News Barrett 50/1

Erick Rowan 50/1  Sting 50/1  Luke Harper 50/1  Mark Henry 50/1  Damien Mizdow 50/1

The Miz 50/1  Goldust 66/1  Stardust 66/1  Jimmy Uso 66/1  Bo Dallas 66/1

Jack Swagger 66/1  Jey Uso 66/1  Chris Jericho 66/1  Fandango 66/1  Billy Gunn 66/1

Diego 80/1  R-Truth 80/1  The Bunny 80/1  Christian 80/1  Kofi Kingston 80/1

Heath Slater 80/1  Fernando 80/1  Titus O’Neil 80/1  Hornswoggle 100/1  El Torito 100/1

World Heavyweight Championship  

Brock Lesnar 4/9  John Cena 17/10  Seth Rollins 6/1

Most Eliminations

Roman Reigns 11/10  Rusev 7/4  Daniel Bryan 6/1  Big Show 10/1

Dean Ambrose 12/1  Kane 14/1  Dolph Ziggler 14/1  Any other participant 5/1

Winner Number

Entrant No.1 16/1  Entrant No.2 22/2  Entrant No.3-No.10 25/1

Entrant No.11-No.13  33/1 Entrant No.14-No.15 25/1  Entrant No.16 33/1

Entrant No.17 25/1  Entrant No.18 33/1  Entrant No.19 25/1

Entrant No.20 22/1  Entrant No.21-No.23 10/1  Entrant No.24 7/1

Entrant No.25-No.28 15/2  Entrant No.29 13/2  Entrant No.30 6/1

Tag Team Championship

The Usos 1/4  The Miz 5/2

Tag Team Match

The New Age Outlaws 5/1  The Ascenion 1/9

Tag Team Match

The Bella Twins 6/4   Natayla & Paige 1/2

Six Man Tag Team Match

The New Day 1/3  Tyson Kidd, Cesaro & Adam Rose 2/1