X Factor fan-favorite Rachel Crow has been voted off the singing competition and, needless to say, the crowd was shocked.

The 13-year-old landed in the bottom two with Marcus Canty. Judge Nicole Scherzinger had voted to keep Canty in the competition and leave the final elimination up to America's vote.

When host Steve Jones read the final elimination, Crow fell to the ground and began to sob. Simon Cowell went to the stage to lift her up as Crow began yelling Mommy! and You promised! When she finally gained composure, Crow said, I just, I love you so much, everybody, for voting for me, even though you didn't. ... Thank you for giving me this, because without you, I'm nothing. And I hope this is not my ending. You know what? I know it's not. And I will go so far, I promise you. And I love you.

Crow said afterwards, I wasn't shocked, Crow clarifies. I'm 13. I'm not preparing myself for this kind of stuff. So when it happened, it was like a scared reaction, almost like a look of terror. Then I just kind of fell because I was like, I can't breathe. And she clarified what she meant by saying You promised! Crow said, I said, 'You promise it'll be OK? You promise?'

Cowell, who was Crow's mentor, was extremely disappointed to see the young girl go. I want to thank everyone that's voted for this young girl. I believe she went out on the highest she could have gone out on. Like I said, from the very first time I met you, we're going to be hearing a lot more about Rachel Crow, I give you my word on that, he said.

Scherzinger, who looked shocked when the camera turned to her after Crow's name was called, spoke to E! News after the elimination.

I don't know. everything happens for a reason. Rachel, it was a surprise to me that she was in the bottom two and now that she's being sent home. But no, I had to leave it up to America, she said.

Scherzinger defended her decision to turn the vote over to the public.

At this point in the game, I don't want to send anyone home. Marcus had been in the bottom twice already. I wasn't going to make the decision. I just couldn't make the decision, so I left it up to America to vote.

Cowell spoke personally to Scherzinger after the show and said that she was distraught.

Fellow judge Paula Abdul defended the former Pussycat Doll. Nicole did not do anything wrong, she told E! News. She did the right thing by saying I'm not going to send anyone home, I care about you too much and let it go to public vote. Remember, two weeks ago, Simon let it go to deadlock with LeRoy [Bell] and Marcus. No one can say, 'You're wrong.'

That evening, Crow sang I'd Rather Go Blind and Canty sang I'm Going Down. The previous night, Crow sang Nothin' On You and Michael Jackson's Music & Me.