Special agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) are just a few months away from returning to "The X-Files" and they may be facing the most danger they've ever faced before. A new promo video for the series reboot shows glimpses of some of the people/creatures they'll be facing when the show returns for a six episode run in 2016.

An alien hand, someone possibly peeling off their face and creatures being dragged down a hallway are all shown in the clip. Mulder is heard asking, "What if our work, the X-files, everything we’ve been led to believe in, is a lie?"

"Then do something about it," someone tells him. 

Will the two agents finally find the truth they're been searching for? Watch the new "X-Files" promo video below:

This is the second week in a row a new promo aired during Monday night's "Gotham." Last week an animated trailer debuted, which featured a cartoon snippet of the cigarette-smoking man, saying, "They've reopened the X-Files."

The iconic cigarette-smoking man, played by William B. Davis, was also featured in a new poster for "The X-Files" reboot, according to TVLine. Although it seemed like the cigarette-smoking man character came to a close in the 2002 finale, it looks like he'll have a role to play in the reboot.

During New York Comic Con Oct. 10, the first episode of "The X-Files" reboot premiered. The episode focused on a case of a possible alien abduction. Show creator Chris Carter told Variety that the new season will have four standalone episodes and two that continue the mythology the show has become to be known for.

"It’s a perfect time to be telling 'X-Files,' stories," Carter said. "That’s why I was excited about doing it. We knew we needed to make a statement and be bold."

"The X-Files" reboot will premiere on Fox Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016 after the NFC Championship game.