The dust is finally beginning to settle after Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One yesterday at the company's Xbox Reveal event in Redmond, Wash. While more information will be revealed over the coming days and at E3 a few weeks from now, we already know a lot about Redmond's next gaming console. Here we recap the top five moments from the Xbox One unveiling.

1. The Xbox One's World Premiere

We only get to experience a couple of moments like these every five to seven years, which makes all of them special regardless of who's holding the event, whether its Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo. We all waited with bated breath as Don Mattrick, Microsoft's president of Interactive Entertainment Business, said "Ladies and gentleman, introducing: Xbox One." No matter how you feel about Microsoft, the build-up to the Xbox Reveal event or Xbox in general, this was an undeniably exciting moment for the entire gaming world.


2. Games Galore

Seeing footage of Madden 25, FIFA 14, Call of Duty Ghosts, Forza Motorsport 5 and other games were blood-pumping moments that invaded our retinas with obscene amounts of eye-candy. What's more, all of the EA games teased at the event; Madden 25, FIFA 14, UFC and NBA Live 14 will be released "over the next 12 months" according to EA Sports executive Andrew Wilson.


3. Instant Switching

Instant Switching is essentially Microsoft's term for something we all do each and everyday: multitasking. With Kinect built into the Xbox One experience, simply saying commands like  "Xbox, Game," "Go to Game," "Go to Music," "Watch TV," "Go to Internet Explorer," "Watch Movie," "Xbox, Watch ESPN," "Xbox, Show Fantasy," and more let you seamlessly perform those actions and switch back and forth between them. It remains to be seen how well your voice commands will be received by the Xbox One in a noisy household filled with kids, adults and pets. However, if Instant Switching works as advertised, flipping back and forth between, TV, movies, gaming and music should be easy and a pleasure to use.


4. Snap Mode

Being able to take a Skype call while watching a movie or check up on Fantasy sports stats while watching the game is fantastic. With this feature, you can keep watching TV and movies while talking to friends and family, saving you from having to pause or rewind to catch up on what you missed.  Being able to keep your eyes glued to the screen when watching sports while checking to see if your fantasy team is dominating or disappointing is a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, it seems as if this only works if you're playing in ESPN's fantasy leagues. There was no mention of support for Yahoo, CBS, FOX, MLB or other fantasy sports services.


5. Dedicated Gameplay DVR

The ability to record, edit and share gameplay is awesome, allowing games to share moments of epic win or hilarious fails with their friends and family. After all, there are entire companies centered around this: Twitch and, but it remains to be seen whether there will be an alternative to the built-in DVR like a Twitch or app.


What do you think of these highlights? Do you disagree with the order? Are there highlights that are missing from this list? Sound off in the comments below.