Microsoft announced two new special edition bundles on Thursday, one of which includes a 500GB white Xbox One console and controller and the other a Kinect.

The first bundle is the “Xbox One Special Edition Gears of War Bundle” and includes the white console, controller, “Gears of War: Ultimate Edition,” a Superstar Cole multiplayer skin and early access to the beta of “Gears of War 4.” The bundle will only be available at Walmart starting in November and retails for $349.

“Gears of War: Ultimate Edition” re-masters the original “Gears of War” and includes better graphics and frame rate, at 1080p and 60 FPS. It also includes five new campaign chapters.

Xbox One with Kinect Bundle The Xbox One with Kinect Bundle was also announced by Microsoft and will be available for purchase in October. Photo: Microsoft

The second bundle announced on Thursday is the “Xbox One Kinect Bundle,” which has a 500GB black console, controller, Kinect for Xbox One, “Dance Central Spotlight,” “Kinect Sports Rivals,” and “Zoo Tycoon.” It will be available “starting in October” for $499 -- no word yet on a specific date.

“With limited edition designs inspired by this year’s biggest titles, and ways to play full-body games where you are the controller, there are more ways than ever to customize your Xbox One experience and make it your own,” says the announcement.

Back in July Microsoft announced an “Xbox One Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Bundle,” which is now available as of Thursday for $349. Microsoft also announced that it has increased the party size for chat, so players can talk to more people in-game at once.