Xbox users will soon be checking voicemail. Microsoft added the ability to send and receive voice messages as part of its May system update.

By double tapping the Xbox button, users access the Friends and Parties area. From there, users can record and send audio. The feature is available for Xbox 360 and Xbox One and sending between the systems.

Because Microsoft expects more traffic on the chat systems, the company announced it will add dedicated servers for the service. Microsoft announced the new voice messaging feature in March and was supposed to introduced voice messaging and additional servers in April. However, the features were held in preview for additional testing, according to GameSpot.

May’s system update also alters how Xbox One owners can power on their devices. Users can now choose an “Instant-on” mode that will turn the device on via voice command or an “Energy-saving” mode that requires users to press the Xbox button on the console.

Xbox makes many of its change via feedback from its website. For example, the new feature to power off an Xbox One via an app received more than 4,000 upvotes.