Respawn Entertainment, developer of the upcoming "Titanfall" action mech-based simulator, showcased the game by revealing new gameplay footage at E3 2013. "Titanfall" will be released for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. "Titanfall" will be released in spring of 2014.

The story of "Titanfall" is similar to "Avatar" and "Ferngully: The Last Rainforest." One faction invades another's world and attempts to strip the land of its natural resources, while the natives try to beat back the invaders. Both factions will have access to mech-like machines, leading action-packed battles in this multiplayer-based game. Respawn Entertainment stated that there will "most likely not" be cross-platform multiplayer gaming between Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC players of "Titanfall." Considering that players are being referred to as "pilots" and the mechs are called "Titans," we can't help but think of the Mechwarrior series.

The weapons in "Titanfall" will be quite "grounded," according to Respawn. They'll include bullet-based weapons, grenades, rockets and smart-missles.

Check out some screens of the newest "Titanfall" gameplay footage below.


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