What a difference a day makes. Sony's PlayStation 4, which was fully revealed last night to the whole world, is currently beating the Xbox One in sales on Amazon.com. Check out the photo below for visual proof.



This isn't surprising to us at all, considering that Sony announced the PS4 would not be saddled with Internet checking, DRM or restrictions on used games. Keep in mind that the Xbox One forces players to "check in," at least once a day, requiring that the console be connected to the Internet daily. Also, the Xbox One places restrictions on used games, and we're pretty sure that the PS4's cheaper price ($399) is also giving it a big boost in its war with the Xbox One ($499).

What do you think of the PS4? Are you pleased with the lack of used game and connection requirement restrictions? Why or why not? How do you think the Xbox One and the PS4 stack up against each other? Sound off in the comments below.