The Xbox One is looking at a new tweak for its reputation system. Details are still sparse, but the way that Xbox will be classifying its players may soon change.

This was announced by Xbox’s Director of Program management Mike Ybarra via a tweet. According to Ybarra, the team is already looking to implement changes, though they have yet to announce the details, GameRant reported.

The reputation system in the Xbox One initially aimed to separate the “good” from the “bad” players. In doing so, Microsoft basically moderates how the players behave online. They can be Good players, players who "Need Work" and players who should be avoided. These are all based on the actions that other players rate a player.

In effect, this was still a flawed system, as it is very sensitive to human error and exploitation. Given that the rep system fuels the online experience of Xbox One players, it is easy to see why Microsoft would want to continually effect change. So far, Microsoft assured that the details for this will be coming soon.

Previously, Microsoft has lifted the veil on its new Xbox One Elite Bundle. This boasted the new and premium features that have been added to the company’s next-gen console to boost the experience for gamers, Xbox Wire reported.

The Xbox One bundle shows off the 1T SSHD that boosts up to 20 percent action when in energy saving mode. In addition, it will also feature the new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. Built especially for players of both the Xbox One and Windows 10, this new controller allows more complex customization. Players can now change paddles, customize their Xbox accessories app and have trigger locks.

So far, there are two color options for the Xbox One Elite wireless controller. The standard black controller accompanies the Xbox One Elite Bundle. There is also the Xbox One Special Edition Lunar White wireless controller. This sports all the features mentioned, in addition to a white and gold motif.

The Xbox One Elite Bundle can now be preordered at GameStop or the Microsoft Store for $499. It will be released in the U.S. on Nov. 3. The Lunar White controller will be available at GameStop for $64.99 starting later this September.

Xbox One rep system (Credit: YouTube/MundaneMatt)