The Yahoo Search Blog announced Thursday that the search startup it acquired last May, called Inquisitor, will be launched as an application on Apple's iPhone.

Inquisitor, a Safari browser plug-in, is a search technology that auto-completes queries and delivers results right in Safari Web browser. It is similar to Yahoo!’s existing Search Assist.

The more letters you type, the more refined and correct the suggestions become, allowing you to select one before having to complete the full word in the search box.

The new version of Inquisitor presents search results in large, easy-to-read gray boxes, with favicons and two lines worth of text. It also removes affiliate ad links.

“We made that decision because we wanted to ensure the best experience for our mobile consumers– speed on mobile is a critical issue and we can go to the yahoo web results faster via BOSS as we don’t need to parse results. Using other providers reduces the speed on the mobile app, said a Yahoo spokesperson.

You can download it on your iPhone in the iTunes Store for free by

clicking here.