Yahoo has decided to turn back on its Automatic Forwarding in Yahoo Mail - a much-needed feature that makes it easier to switch to another email service. Earlier this month, Yahoo Mail disabled the feature for email services, claiming that it was temporarily disabled because it was “under development.”

Last week, a report from the AP cited conversations with Yahoo customers who had a problem with Yahoo Mail’s Automatic Forwarding. The company at the time declined to comment but pointed customers to the Help site that explained why the featured was turned off.

At the time, it seemed like Yahoo was doing what it could to make it more challenging for customers to leave its service after the news that the company had suffered a data breach affecting 500 million users. The breach, which took place in 2014, was announced last month.

Michael Albers VP of Product Management for Yahoo Mail said "Last week, we temporarily disabled the ability to add new automatic forwarding in Yahoo Mail. As of today, auto-forward is enabled again for all Mail users. We apologize for the interruption.”

"Why the pause? Over the past year, Yahoo Mail has been upgrading its platform. This has allowed us to bring a better search experience to Yahoo Mail, add multiple account support, and improve performance as we quickly scale this new system globally. The feature was temporarily disabled as part of this process."