Big Yankees Fan Michael LaPayower's newest Yankees themed video rips on the Red Sox's regular season collapse to the tune of LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem.

LaPayower's not new to the Yankee video game - he gained nationwide attention for his horrific take on Katy Perry's California Gurls - but this video seems to be extra bad.

LaPayower starts off his video fake choking to poke at the Red Sox Nation before jumping into what is easily the worst Party Rock Anthem that's ever been performed.

With horrible pitch and bad timing LaPayower absolutely destroys what was otherwise a fun song to dance to at clubs and bars. But give LaPayower credit, despite the constant criticism and negative comments all of his videos receive, he keeps chugging on and even won Yankees Fan of the Year in 2010.

Watch the video below and offer your own opinions on LaPayower's Yankees playoff themed rendition.