Dodgers' starting pitcher Hiroki Kuroda is drawing intense interest from some the top teams in the American League East. The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are reportedly scouting Kuroda for a possible trade. 

According to ESPN, the Yankees and Red Sox are among five teams which "monitored" Kuroda's start against the Colorado Rockies last night when he allowed one run in six innings.  The other three teams are the Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, and Texas Rangers.

In addition, reports from Fox Sports and the NY Post, say that the Yankees are perhaps be the most interested of all the teams.

Kuroda has an excellent ERA this year at 3.11, but his 6-13 record is less than desirable, primarily due to poor run support.

On the right team, like the Yankees or Red Sox, Kuroda's record will certainly improve and would definitely add spark to either pitching staff.

Currently, the Red Sox are in first place in the AL East, with the Yankees three games behind.  The Yankees are firmly in the lead in the Wild Card race, 5.5 games ahead of the Los Angeles Angels.

The Dodgers are willing to give up one of their best pitchers, since the team is completely out of the playoff race at this point in the season.

The Dodgers are facing multiple problems with ownership and financial issues, and may just want the Yankees or Red Sox to take on most of Kuroda's $4 million remaining on his contract. 

Kuroda does have a no trade clause in his contract he would have to waive, but the Yankees and Red Sox appear to be teams Kuroda would likely approve.