The alleged sole survivor of the Yemenia plane crash that plunged into the Indian ocean on Monday night has returned home to her family in Paris.

Bahia Bakari, 14, returned to France from the Comoros Islands on a plane carrying a government minister and other French officials. The Falcon-900 jet with medical facilities left the archipelago nation, a former French colony, and arrived at Le Bourget airport just north of Paris.

Bakari was found clinging onto a floating debris from the aircraft suffering from hypothermia, a fractured collarbone and bruises. She spent more than 13 hours in the water.

While en route to France, television station France 2 briefly interviewed Bakari, 14, on the plane and said that the girl appeared dazed and gave mostly one word replies to the questions.

Asked how she felt, the teenager, who was unable to open one of her eyes fully, replied faintly Well and when asked if she is worried, she said: A little bit, a little bit, the Associated Press reported.

One of the medical team accompanying her on the flight told France 2 that Bahia had not talked to them about what happened.

The Airbus A310-300 destined for Comoros islands crashed went down on Tuesday morning with 153 people on board as it came in to land at Moroni, the Comoran capital.

The other 152 people Flight 626, including Bakari's mother, are presumed dead.