On “Granite State,” Sunday night’s penultimate episode of “Breaking Bad,” viewers got a brief glimpse of a local Albuquerque, N.M., business/secret front for a criminal operation called Best Quality Vacuum, including the business’ phone number on the storefront. As it turns out, perhaps unsurprisingly for such a detailed show, that phone number is indeed real, and you can call up Best Quality Vacuum yourself and enjoy a small “Breaking Bad,” Easter egg.

As the A.V. Club points out, calling 505-842-4205 (as seen on the building’s storefront) will direct you to a short voicemail message recorded by Robert Forester, who appeared in Sunday night’s “Breaking Bad.” In the short message, Forester describes the shop’s hours of operation and asks you to leave a message with any specific concerns.

From outside, Best Quality Vacuum seems like an unassuming vacuum repair shop, but it's actually, in the world of “Breaking Bad,” home base for Robert Forester’s criminal enterprise, which specializes in giving customers new identities and whisking them off to unassuming hideaways states away. Unfortunately, while the number itself is operational, you can’t actually leave a message asking for a very specific repair that will land you a new job managing a Nebraska Cinnabon. Either way, it’s a fun little Easter egg. Give it a try, if the lines aren’t too busy.