He may be tiny, but Yoda was on a big mission.

The piglet that was on its way to slaughter last week, managed to squeeze himself out of a transport truck and fall onto a Quebec highway south of Montreal. Drivers saw the tiny pig take the tumble and called animal control, where he was later brought to an animal sanctuary, the Canadian Broadcast Corporation reports.

"The people who were following that trailer saw the piglet sneak through a hole and fall off the trailer," Joyce Kemp, a Sûreté du Québec spokeswoman, said.

While the four-and-a-half-week-old piglet had some scrapes and bruises from his ordeal, he is otherwise doing well, Brenda Bronfman, who runs Wishing Well animal sanctuary outside of Toronto, said.

“We're to finish his course of antibiotics but the vet said he looks FABULOUS.. well, he IS a star, after all!” the organization wrote on its Facebook page.


"He just loves to crawl into people's laps and be held. He's a little angel," Bronfman said, explaining that Yoda was on his way to a “finishing barn” where the pigs are fattened up before being slaughtered.

“He got very lucky by falling out, that’s for sure,” she told ABC News.

After Yoda was picked up by animal control officers, an online campaign was started to find Yoda a new home. Although Bronfman’s sanctuary was full, she appealed to the board to make an exception. Several people volunteered to drive the piglet from Montreal to Toronto.

“We just couldn’t let this little piglet either suffer or not find a home,” Bronfman said. “After all that he’d been through, we wanted to make sure that he had a loving home.”

Now at six weeks old and 15 pounds, Bronfman says the piglet will grow. “They often don’t get that big,” she said. “They go to slaughter before they get to be too enormous.”

And why the name Yoda?

“He’s very teeny, right, and Yoda was, or is,” Bronfman said. “But we have a strong sense about him. He seems to have a wisdom and he’s a little fighter. And we just thought Yoda was serene yet wise, and yet in his little body was very powerful. And we thought it would fit him -- plus his ears kind of look a little Yoda-ish.”