The storyline for episodes of "The Young and the Restless" on Thursday and Friday will be about confessions, surrender and homecoming. The episodes will focus on these characters: Fen (Max Ehrich), Ben/Stitch (Sean Carrigan), Avery (Jessica Collins), Ashley (Eileen Davidson), Dylan (Steve Burton), Sharon (Sharon Case), Victor (Eric Braeden), Jack (Peter Bergman), Noah (Robert Adamson), Mariah (Camryn Grimes), Kyle (Lachlan Buchanan), Summer (Hunter Haley King), Kevin (Greg Rikaart), Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) and Abby (Melissa Ordway) .

Alert! This article contains "The Young and the Restless" spoilers. Read only if you want to know more. TV Guide reports that on Thursday Fen will come back to Genoa City. Stitch will also confide in Ashley. Meanwhile, Avery will have a heart-to-heart talk with Dylan.

Soaps.sheknows reports that Avery realizes how much Sharon likes Dylan. Avery figures out that something intimate happened between them because of a wallet. She will also give back her ring to Dylan after arguing about Sharon and Joe.

Noah, Mariah, Kyle, Summer, Kevin and Abby will talk about Sharon while hanging out at Crimson Lights. The gang proceeds to the cabin where Fen unexpectedly shows up. Fen admits having been in contact with the killer from the very start.

Fake Jack speaks Spanish at the Abbott house. Ashley walks in on Phyllis and Fake Jack kissing each other. Ashley also argues with Fake Jack about Victor and the company.

The show posted a preview video for its Thursday episode on its official YouTube channel. It shows scenes featuring Sharon, Avery, Ben, Ashley, Mariah, Abby and Summer. Avery gets mad at Sharon. Ben tells Ashley that he thinks she has a problem. He believes Ashley is bothered by his new relationship with Abby. Summer calls Paul and leaves a message about the cabin.

We Love Soaps also reports that in the "The Young and the Restless" episode on Friday, Dylan and Sharon will no longer fight their feelings for each other. They will finally succumb to their desires. Victor and Jack will also confront each other.

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