On Tuesday's episode of the CBS soap opera "The Young and the Restless," Adam confesses the truth about his identity to Chelsea. The episode will focus on Adam/Gabe (Justin Hartley), Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan), Phyllis (Gina Tognoni), Victor (Eric Braeden), Cane (Daniel Goddard), Lily (Christel Khalil), Paul (Doug Davidson), Dylan (Steve Burton), Avery (Jessica Collins) and Joe (Scott Elrod). Plus, Lou Ferrigno, Jr., the son of "The Incredible Hulk" (1977) TV series star Lou Ferrigno, will appear as a guard.

The events follow Monday's episode, which showed Phyllis suspecting Marisa and Jack's connection. Chelsea overheard Gabe referring to himself as Adam Newman. Michael also asked Sage about Gabe's true identity. Plus, Noah chanced upon Marisa who was wearing only a towel. As for Dylan, he informed Avery they were able to find her rapist -- and it wasn't Joe. It was a good thing Dylan got there in time before Avery could shoot Joe in his room.

Spoiler Alert! This article contains "The Young And The Restless" spoilers.

TV Guide reports in Tuesday's episode, Adam tells Chelsea the truth about himself. As for Joe, he will be haunted by his passionate night with Lily. Meanwhile, Dylan looks forward to a future with Sharon.

Soaps.sheknows.com reports Cane will punch Joe. Phyllis will do some digging as she searches for more answers about Jack. Plus, Avery will require some help.

Sharon will hug Dylan while they're at Crimson Lights. Dylan will inform her Avery is in pain and she needs some help. But Sharon tells him that she won't be the one to help her. They will have a conversation about their baby. Dylan reassures Sharon no one and nothing will hurt their baby. Dylan also thanks Sharon for protecting him.

Phyllis will visit Victor at the police station to show him what Jack wrote. They discuss Jack's shooting. Phyllis warns Victor she will find out everything that happened once Jack wakes up. But Victor only wishes her a nice day and continues to remain silent about what he really knows.

The show posted a preview video for its Tuesday episode on its official YouTube channel. It shows several scenes featuring Phyllis, Victor, Paul and Dylan. Phyllis demands the truth from Victor about the night Jack got shot at the park, which left him in a coma. Dylan will ask Paul if he will arrest Avery. Paul tells him that yes, he will absolutely do that.

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