This week's episodes of the CBS soap opera "The Young And The Restless" will focus on Jack's encounter with a mysterious stranger who will mistake him for someone else. It will also show Neil telling Nikki about getting revenge.

The episodes will include the following characters: Jack (Peter Bergman), Marisa (Sofia Pernas), Sharon (Sharon Case), Adam (Justin Hartley, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan), David Sherman (Robert Gant), Tess Munro (mediator), Laura Niemi (OB/GYN Dr. Green), Victor (Eric Braeden), Mariah (Camryn Grimes), Neil (Kristoff St. John), Hilary (Mishael Morgan), Detective Mark Harding (Chris L. McKenna), Angel Ochoa (Frank Runyeon), Victoria (Amelia Heinle), Billy (Burgess Jenkins), Paul (Doug Davidson), Kevin (Greg Rikaart), Nick (Joshua Morrow), Kyle (Lachlan Buchanan) , Sage (Kelly Sullivan), Summer (Hunter King),  Avery (Jessica Collins), Joe (Scott Elrod), Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Devon (Bryton James).

Spoiler Alert! This article contains "The Young And The Restless" spoilers. Read only if you want to know more. reports that from Monday to Friday, Jack will come across a stranger who is shrouded in mystery. This person will refer to him as Marco and will even kiss him on the boat.

As for Victor, he will get curious about Adam/Gabriel and will ask Sage if he is close to his father. Victor will also try to keep his family together.  Neil will tell Nikki that he wants to get revenge in order to heal.

Kevin wants to find justice. But Paul will tell him that he is under arrest. Sage will worry about her baby. Nick will be by her side to help her and make her feel more comfortable.

Marco will corner Adam. As for Avery, she will decide about something important and it will affect Joe. Plus, Hilary and Devon will go to the next level in their relationship.

Soap Central reports that Chelsea will start to worry about Gabriel/Adam's behavior. Avery will receive a warning from Dylan about their custody battle turning into a personal vendetta. Sharon will also wonder if Nick still loves her.

As for Mariah, she will reveal something shocking. Meanwhile, Hilary and Neil will have a disagreement. Chelsea will question Victoria and Billy's collaboration. Sage and Nick will discuss their future. Plus, Summer will find out that Joe can walk now. Devon and Hilary will also get married soon.

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