Helio, a South Korean mobile communications firm, launched on Wednesday the first interactive YouTube application for cell phones on its Helio Ocean phone.

The feature offers users a similar interface to the popular online version which current cell phones don't offer, including the iPhone and Blackberry.

The current version of YouTube's mobile site does not allow users to log in and as a result key features like rating, commenting , access to personal videos or uploading videos, are not available leaving users only able to view the video with no interaction.

Helio has taken the mobile YouTube experience to the next level, said Chad Hurley, CEO and co-founder, YouTube said in a statement. This innovative application offers people even more customization and provides them with instant access to interact with the YouTube community whenever and wherever they go.

The feature is available to all Helio Ocean users for free on YouTube.com and also allows users to geotag their video as they upload it, allowing others to see where the video was made.