In cooperation with Lenovo, Google, NASA, and countless international space agencies just launched what they are calling the YouTube Space Lab. The idea is to hold a video contest allowing students to submit experiment ideas they will consider performing on the International Space Station (ISS).

The YouTube Space Lab will be a new video channel where students can upload their videos to be considered. Astronauts, scientists, and judges will then make their selections and the experiment will be broadcasted live in 2012.

They are giving students everywhere a deadline of Dec. 7 this year to submit their videos. Google has already begun posting videos on the channel meant to inspire more creative ideas. Besides getting featured, they are planning to award winners with a Zero-G flight, Lenovo laptop, and the chance to watch a rocket launch in Tanegashima Island in Japan or receive cosmonaut training in Russia.

Have a science project in mind? Here's your chance to consider sending it to space. With recent federal cuts to the space program, this may become one way NASA can continue finding talent and creativity on the ground.