Google is close to an official launch of Gmail's new look according to a YouTube video the company posted this week. The video has been taken down since then, and Google hasn't yet commented on the clip. It may have been posted accidentally, whether or not people believe it's truly an accident. But, the video itself doesn't mention anything about a launch date, so it's unclear when the change will happen.

Before Google's official video was removed however, a YouTuber named crlsndrsjmnz copied and reposted the video below. It gives a quick tour of some of the changes Gmail could see. The new layout sort of resembles Google+, probably not coincidentally, and you can opt into the beta version through your Gmail's themes settings. Go to Preview and it should let you get up close and personal with the changes.

Among the new designs, you can change how much space you want taken up by things like your chat list and labels menu. It looks like you'll also be able to change how close you want your messages spaced.

Tell us in the comments if you are anxiously awaiting the new looks or if you don't want anymore changes to your stuff.

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