Syfy’s surprising breakout hit, “Z Nation,” has been delivering a handful of small-scale episodes recently as special mutant zombies have accounted for most of the scares in Season 2. However, this week’s episode will see regular zombies embrace the thing that makes them the most frightening of all -- sheer numbers.

With “Z Nation” right in the middle of its second season, fans seem to be responding to it well as Deadline reported earlier this week that the show was picked up for a third season by the network. In order to celebrate, the series will put Operation Bite Mark up against yet another massive horde of zombies in the latest episode. It was revealed in Season 1 that, in the zombie apocalypse, a strange phenomenon can happen in areas with a high population of zombies. They tend to join together, which can eventually lead to a wave of the undead making their way across the great plains of America.

In the latest episode, the gang made it as far as the Grand Canyon after it's odd Roswell experience last week. While there, they’re forced to seek refuge from such a horde, only to find themselves in the middle of an old conflict between Native Americans.

“The heroes are forced to split up when threatened by a massive horde of zombies,” reads the episode’s official TV Guide synopsis. “After going their separate ways, they meet two factions of a once united Native American tribe.”

In the preview clip for the episode, which was released on the Syfy channel website, it is revealed that the members splitting up start with Murphy (Keith Allan), Warren (Kellita Smith), Addy (Anastasia Baranova) and Vasquez (Mat Cedeno). After their vehicle breaks down, they use ATVs to seek out the first Native American tribe that seems to have taken over a high-rise building in the area. Unable to fit on the four-wheelers, Doc (Russell Hodgkinson) and 10K (Nat Zang) stay back to watch the car. Unfortunately, the herd of thousands of zombies bearing down on them forces the survivors to seek shelter of their own in the woods near the Grand Canyon.

While they take a moment to see the sights, they’re both ambushed by an unknown rider on horseback. Presumably, this new character is a member of the other side of this Native American conflict.  In addition, Doc suffers a bad-looking head injury during his attack, meaning that 10K may get yet another starring role in this week’s episode as he may be responsible for keeping his good friend and ally alive.

Those curious to see how it all shakes out will just have to wait until “Z Nation” episode 10, “We Were Nowhere Near the Grand Canyon,” premieres at 10 p.m. EST Friday on Syfy.